How Quickly Time Flies
So long as it doesn't take me away
Hello there darling. I do hope that we can get along. I am a strong believer in a good first impression.
(HG Wells independant RP, Currently on a semi-hiatus)
M!A: None

Helena sighed and took another sip of her coffee. It had been easy to hide the Astrolabe and disappear. Almost too easy for her taste. Her old phone was destroyed and the numbers of her friends at the Warehouse lost to Helena forever. As great as she was at inventions, the endless stream of numbers one had to remember in this day and age was too much for Helena. She did save one person’s number. The only number in her phone that wasn’t related to the Warehouse. It was programmed into her new phone and had been yet to be used. It was almost too embarrassing for her to call for help. The sheer number of people in New York always surprised Helena, no matter how many times she came. She was one in the crowd, a lost face. That’s why she looked up with surprised when someone noticed her.

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